The first question that crosses your mind is obvious.

"How did I get here?"

The chrome chair is uncomfortable, and you have no recollection of coming to this dimly light room. You're looking at a polished, cold table, fashioned from the same material as your hard seat. Two empty chairs are on the opposite side of the table, facing you. Directly overhead, a ceiling fan spins slowly, lazily, quietly, casting shadows, providing the slightest of breezes.
Your head aches.
A door opens. A woman and a man enter, settle into the other chairs. 
She smiles warmly at you. 
He doesn't smile at all.
She is dressed in white, accentuated with red. Her blonde hair is cut stylishly short. 
Her clothes look expensive.
So do his.
He is wearing a black suit, custom-tailored, with a red tie and matching pocket square.
She opens a folder and consults a dossier. 
She nods.
Your mouth feels dry.
He says, "We only have one question."
He leans forward, folds his hands on the table, and affixes you with piercing hazel eyes that betray no emotion.
He says, "Little Johnny has managed to find some Filth. He scoops it up, puts it in a jar, and brings it to school for show and tell. But clumsy Johnny drops the jar, and the Filth begins to infect the students. The children start to tear the teachers to pieces. A team manages to quarantine the school, but now they have a building with a spreading Filth infection."
He leans back.
He says, "We get a call. We send you in."
The woman in white is no longer looking at the dossier.
She is looking at you.
She is no longer smiling.
The man in black is.
He asks, "What do you do with all of those children?" 
He grins more widely.
His teeth are perfect.
They're both staring at you.
They're both waiting for an answer.
You suddenly realize how you got here.
And you know if you answer wrong, you're not leaving this room alive.

Welcome to your first day with Necessary Evil.
Necessary Evil is an RP-heavy Illuminati cabal. We launched officially on August 24, 2013, and we are currently at approximately 30 players, many of whom are TSW vets. We're always looking for RPers with a love for writing and no aversion toward dark themes. 
A certain gallows humor certainly doesn't hurt.
Members are part of the "the Toolbox," a clandestine organization (even by Illuminati standards) that receives the assignments that other groups might find distasteful: assassination, blackmail, the spread of misinformation. 
You know -- the fun stuff that keeps The Secret World secret.
Imagine Section One/Centre from La Femme Nikita/Nikita.
You're getting warmer.
The cabal participates in a number of in-game events and missions that can be spun into appropriate assignments. (For example, you may have heard of Tyler Freeborn. He's been trying to expose some rather uncomfortable truths. His heart's in the right place. Now we have to stop it from beating.) We also schedule RP sessions and set up assignment-related forum posts, to give members a chance to get creative with writing and participation. And we're also looking to establish relationships with other players and cabals, regardless of faction, that can outsource their dirty work to us.
We're open to recruiting all kinds of Illuminati characters, but the following list should give you some idea of the types who would fit nicely:
  • Amoral killers or cold-hearted sociopaths who don't mind getting their hands dirty (and by dirty, we mean bloody)
  • Administrative professionals who can keep the organization running smoothly
  • Voices of reason (and sanity) who can help identify which lines we shouldn't cross
  • Scientists and medical professionals who might require "resources" for experiments that normal society might frown upon
  • Cleaners to help us tidy up the messes that we make (which are considerable)
  • Spin doctors and lawyers to control the story and keep our secrets…secret
  • Thieves who can steal evidence -- or plant it
Sometimes our members come to us willingly. Sometimes they are forced to join us. (Again…Nikita.) We're willing to work with your character's back story and find a way for you to find a home with us.
Mostly, we want our members to get even more enjoyment from The Secret World.
Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ. If you like what you see, fill out an application form. Or if you have questions, or want to try RPing with us, please contact the following:
We'll be happy to answer your questions or RP with you to see if you'd like to test the fit. 
By the way: If you're not looking for a cabal, but want some new RP partners, feel free to contact us if you are interested in "hiring" us. 
We'll do the things that might keep your character up at night – and our members will sleep like babies when it's over.
We look forward to hearing from you.